Friday, January 30, 2009

Lucky to live in Alaska

Last night I flew to Kodiak with my UAF colleagues (from the College of Engineering and Mines, School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences, ROTC, and from the RAHI program with the College of Rural Development) to present at Kodiak High Schools for their annual Career Day.

The more I participate in the recruitment events or other visits throughout the state, the luckier I feel to live in Alaska. Mostly because I get to see the diversity of Alaska's people, geography, and culture.

Coming from Fairbanks, I wasn't sure what to expect when I landed in Kodiak. I was awed as I walked off the plane and was greeted by a giant mountain which seemed to rise out from nowhere. As we drove to our hotel we were greeted by hundreds of bald eagles, perched in trees or on roof tops. Before moving to Alaska, I'm not sure that I had ever seen a bald eagle, let alone hundreds of them! When we stepped out of the shuttle at our hotel, I was greeted by the fresh scent of the sea, a rich salty breeze, and a gorgeous sunset. Where else but Alaska!

Our Fisheries ( students have the opportunity to experience Kodiak as a part of their UAF experience. They get to complete internships, research, and field work right here in Alaska in one of the largest fishing communities in the state. It amazes me how unique and rare that opportunity is for students.

It makes me feel so lucky to live in Alaska, to have access to a place this beautiful, and to have the ability to visit other places like this (including Fairbanks) which are so unique and distinct.

If you haven't already visited, we have an upcoming preview day on March 30th called Inside Out (

I hope you'll join us and see for yourself how spectacular it is here in Alaska.