Wednesday, November 4, 2009

More Halloween fun at UAF!

Hello Fiendish Fiends and Ghoulish Ghouls,
Yes indeed, another Halloween has come and gone. It was a fun one here at UAF. As you may have noticed, we thrilled the World, we did the great cover up, and for me . . . I dressed as the Riddler and made Homestar Runner pumpkins. It's the little things about the holidays at UAF that make it so much fun. Like the fact that there are so many things to do, and so many opportunities out there. Whatever you're into, you can express it at UAF, and that's really important when you're considering a college, eh?
Holidays are always fun, and we always look forward to the next one. For Thanksgiving, the UAF Outdoor Adventures Office is going hiking in the mountains and they're going to cook a turkey on a cabin cook stove. Perfect! That's so Alaskan!
Below I've included some of the photos I took and that were taken of me during the halloween festivities. Enjoy, and I'll be back to posting soon!

Joe Alloway
UAF Admissions Counselor
Alumnus '07, '08
My wife Erin and I on the stair, posing in our costumes. Erin is Lulu from FF X, and I'm . . . The Riddler!
A group photo, Erin and our neighbors at the Halloween dance.
Senor Cardgage and a Duck. Truly, the greatest of pumpkins.
These are the pumpkins out neighbors did. I think they're both a little on the creepy side . . .