Monday, January 31, 2011

College Admission Blog : College Guide and Search Advice: College Application Calender - Senior Year

I've been doing some quick browsing through and thought you might find this link helpful (especially you seniors who are looking for guidance about where to start!). Juniors...start planning!

College Application Prep Plan for the Senior Year

College Admission Blog : College Guide and Search Advice: FAFSA Application for Financial Aid

I just read this great blog with information and tips about navigating the FAFSA. Check it out!

FAFSA Application for Financial Aid

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Money! You want it?

Don't miss your chance to get it! 
It's FAFSA Time (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)!
JAN. 30...
College Goal Sunday
Kick off FAFSA season with College Goal Sunday! It's your chance to fill out the FAFSA with the experts there to help! Bring your parents!!

FEB. 1 - FEB 28...
UA's February FAFSA Frenzy
  • The University hosts a month long FAFSA Frenzy to encourage you to complete your FAFSA in the month of February! 
FEB. 15...
UA Scholarship Deadline

Complete your application to any of the UA campuses and then apply for scholarships. We have a single application for hundreds of scholarships plus links to many more scholarships.

There are only 5 questions on the scholarship application, with one being a personal essay (no more than 500 words). What to write:
  • We want to learn something about you.
  • What do you plan to do/study/achieve at UAF?
  • What achievements have you had in high school?
  • Who has had an important influence on your life?  

    Sometimes we receive only a couple of sentences and that just doesn't tell us enough about PLEASE, use all 500 words!  

    How to...

    1. Apply for admission
    2. Watch the video below and then apply for scholarships (it's that easy):

    FAFSA Facts
    • The FAFSA stands for FREE APPLICATION FOR FEDERAL STUDENT AID - if someone asks you to pay for're at the wrong site. Go to for details on how to complete the FAFSA. 
    • The FAFSA is the application for the new Alaska Performance Scholarship.
    • If your parents have completed their taxes electronically, they can automatically load their tax information into their FAFSA anytime after January 30th.
    • If your parents won't be completing their taxes soon, they can still complete the FAFSA with information from their W-2's, and 1099's or use last year's taxes as an estimate.
    • The form continues to become simpler to use and faster to complete.

    Tuesday, January 25, 2011

    Former UAF Professor Partners with Rosetta Stone

    Former UAF Professor Edna MacLean joined forces with Rosetta Stone to create a program that teaches the North Slope Inupiaq dialect of the Inuit language. With only 1,500 people fluent speakers of Inupiaq left, the once predominant language of Northern Alaska could become extinct in as little as one or two generations. This program, a part of Rosetta Stone's endangered language program, will be distributed by NANA Corporation and the North Slope Borough to schools, shareholders, and families in the region as a way to ensure the next generation of children do not lose the language and a vital component of their culture.

    To learn more, read the article Alaska natives team with Rosetta Stone in the Seattle Times.

    Wednesday, January 12, 2011

    Reflections on 2010

    I thought you might enjoy this amazing slide show of photos from 2010 which were taken by Todd Paris, the university photographer. I think the photos do well to capture life here on campus and in Alaska.