Monday, February 18, 2008

International Polar Year

What year starts in March and is two years long? The International Polar Year! The fourth of its kind, with the original stretching back to 1882, the International Polar Year (IPY) is two years of focused research on the polar regions of the globe. Previous IPYs have focused on exploration, weather, and the workings of the earth as a whole system. In this IPY researchers are looking at global climate change, especially at how changes at the poles can be a barometer for the rest of the planet. Another distinctive of this IPY is the interdisciplinary approach being used: Besides cross-referencing studies on sea ice with those on meteorology with those on glaciology with…scientists are also looking at the physical, social, cultural, and political aspects of climate change.

This is an exciting time to be a student at UAF, perfectly positioned to allow students to take part in special seminars and lectures, undergraduate research, and international exchange opportunities through the fourth International Polar Year! To learn more, visit

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