Monday, March 2, 2009

Nanook Hockey!


This past weekend the UAF Nanooks Hockey team competed in the 16th Annual Alaska Airlines Governor’s Cup Series. The series has changed over time, but the basic elements are still the same, the University of Alaska Fairbanks plays the University of Alaska Anchorage for the Cup and bragging rights. This year the title went to UAA, but that will not dampen the spirits of the UAF Nanooks because their next venture is the CCHA playoff quarterfinals March 13-15 at the Carlson Center. This will be the second time that UAF has hosted playoff games in Fairbanks in the last five years. I was lucky enough to go to one of the playoff games five years ago and it was great. I don't remember if UAF won or lost, but it sure was exciting with the fireworks and the fog machine (now we have a gigantic polar bear). I am looking forward to the games and hopefully UAF will do well.

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Lael said...

I love the scary looking Nanook!