Thursday, April 23, 2009

Earth Day and Spring Fest Service at UAF

Hey Everyone,
Well, Spring has finally sprung, and everyone here at the university of Alaska Fairbanks couldn't be happier. The whole campus and entire city have been alive with activity! On Sunday we had a group bike ride around campus with free tune-ups for summer riders, yesterday was Earth Day, marked by some great discussion and presentations from the UAF Sustainable Campus Task Force, and April 23-25 are marked by UAF's traditional Springfest events.

Springfest is one of my favorite traditions at UAF, because it gets the entire campus together to celebrate the community and the wonderful feeling that comes with Spring. We have service events all over campus, building projects for local charities, campus beautification projects under way, and lots of good old fashioned fun. During Springfest, you can expect to see tons of volleyball, frisbee, dodgeball, and more BBQs than you can shake a stick at! I'll be attending some events later, so I'll post you some photos as soon as I have them. If you have a chance, check out some of the Spring events, and shake off that cabin fever. The weather's beautiful, so get out and have a blast!


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