Monday, March 8, 2010

8 days later.

What happened to me in the last eight days? Well...
- Purchased 72 lbs of rice pasta, 96 rolls of TP, 55 lbs of basmati and jasmine rice, 13 jars of spagetti sauces, 48 quarts of original rice milk, 20 lbs of potatoes, a dozen bottles of ketchup, and various other non-perishable items. (Not necessary because apparently they have food in Alaska.)
- Turned 30 years old somewhere while driving through British Columbia, Canada. (That's one way to celebrate a birthday!)
- Saw a buffalo, stone sheep, and deer licking pavement. (Not recommended.)
- Said good-bye to family and friends in Oregon, but found out my wife and I will be running a hotel in Fairbanks, AK this summer. (Every will be visiting us this summer.)
- Drove through a blizzard. (Okay maybe not an actual blizzard, but for about five minutes the snow flurry was pretty intense.)
- Packed everything we own in a 14 ft U-Haul. (Sadly, we could not fill it up.)
- And started a new job in Fairbanks, AK on Monday, March 8th. (Go Nanooks!)

Now wasn't that a better introduction than just saying: "Hi, my name is Christopher Wheeler and I just spent four and a half days driving from Oregon to UAF, along the Alaskan Highway, to begin my new job as an admissions counselor at UAF."

If you would like more details on anything I have written above or have questions about UAF, please feel free to leave your comments.

Until then, have a great day!


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