Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Really Free Market: Not your everyday garage sale.

Ask most UAF students, and they’ll tell you Alaskans do some things a little differently than most folks in the lower 48. They might drive to work on a snow machine in the winter, choose to live without running water in a dry cabin, or have some reindeer sausage with their eggs in the morning. And the Really Free Market is no exception.

The basic idea of the Really Free Market is simple; sustainability can be simple and free.

Here’s how it works:

1) Members of the Fairbanks and UAF communities donate clean, safe unwanted items that still have some life left in them to the market. (For example, brand new Columbia jackets and sweaters or nice furniture pieces are not uncommon finds at the market.)

2) Anyone needing or wanting any of these items can show up during the designated Really Free Market dates and times to find what they’re looking for and take them home for free.

That’s it. No selling, bartering, or swapping takes place. Everything is free; no bucks needed! So bust out your calendar’s and circle August 14th, when the next Really Free Market will be held on UAF’s campus. Do things a little differently this summer, like an Alaskan!

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