Friday, November 11, 2011

Transfer to UAF!

Dear Transfer Students,

Perhaps you know about the Transfer Credit Resource Site that gives you a comprehensive list of all of the courses that UAF has accepted for transfer credit (and the courses for which they are applied). You may even know that UAF has recently created a position that is aimed at helping transfer students gather information about the school, assist you through the application process, and help you transition to UAF (that’s me, by the way). But, did you know that UAF will waive lower division General Education (core) requirements for students transferring in from a regionally accredited school that meets one of four requirements? No? Well, let me tell you the criteria. You’ll receive the waiver if

1. Your AA or AS degree is from the University of Alaska;

2. Your community college has an established 2+2 program with public universities in the same state;

3. Your community college or community college district is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU); OR

4. Your associate degree program has been approved by the Core Review Committee as satisfying the 100 and 200 level General Education requirements.

We implemented this policy for Fall 2011 and it has been a great success and tremendous boost to many our transfer students. If you’re not sure if your degree will qualify or what any of these requirements actually mean, send me an email. We’ve compiled a list of schools that have already been approved for the wavier that I can check for you. If your school isn’t on that list – don’t fret - it doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t qualify. Your application may be the first we’ve received from that community college since we implemented the program. Worst case scenario is that you apply for admission and 2-3 weeks after acceptance, we’ll let you know the results of the Transfer Credit Evaluation.

We haven’t even talked about all of the great undergraduate research opportunities available, UAF’s thriving campus community, or the adventure of attending college in Fairbanks, Alaska, so don’t forget to ask me about these when you send that email.




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