Friday, September 26, 2008

Fair in Fairbanks

Hello again, every people!
Joe here, and I wanna tell you a little bit about the Fair in Fairbanks. The Tanana Valley State Fair is one of the fun events in Fairbanks which occurs during the first week of August every year. As with most fairs, this is an opportunity to ride the rides, see the sites, and eat some delicious food. Among other things, one of the things that the Fairbanks fair is known for is ginormous vegetables. We have the midnight sun in the summer, so they grow pretty darn big.
And of course, my personal favorite is the wildlife. When I was a kid, I always thought seeing ducks and sheep and such was boring, but now I think it's awesome! Go figure, eh? Anyway, I hope you like the photos, and stay tuned for more of my adventures in the near future!

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Hope and Brian said...

I love little goats! They act just like puppies!