Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Good Morning Fairbanks!

As the sun peaked over the morning sky today, I took the opportunity to stop at Creamer's Field to say good morning to our returning visitors: the Canada geese, sand hill cranes, swans and other migratory birds who make a stop in Fairbanks each spring as part of their Northern migration. The scene this morning was serene and peaceful, even among the 1000 or so chatty birds.

The birds are a sight to be seen! We all look forward to greeting our feathery friends as they make an annual stop at the former farm turned migratory waterfowl refuge. They visit Fairbanks throughout the summer, but are known to stop in this mass abundance both in the spring on their way into Alaska and in the fall on their way back out.

The scene draws visitors to the refuge to observe the magnificent gathering as they land among the 2000 acre property. There are no rides, no bells and whistles, no fancy trams driving people's just 1000 or so transient guests stopping for a rest... and miles of well-maintained walking trails for the rest of us. It's one of my favorite places in Fairbanks!

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bear21 said...

I love to go to Creamer's Field during the summer evenings to meet new people.
If you also enjoy this place as a common meeting ground, I would like to introduce myself to you. I will always be sitting in or around my 09 red honda coupe while I am there, possibly playing guitar or listening to music (maybe 7-730ish). Please dont feel shy to approach me, I am in the Army and dont have any real friends around Fairbanks.