Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring is finally here!

Hello fellow Spring Lovers,
Spring has arrived in Fairbanks, and we are loving it! We're getting lots of sunlight, the sky has been crystal clear, and the weather has gotten up to the 50s (at least, it felt like it ^_^). Spring always makes me pause to consider the interesting place I live. I think we probably appreciate Spring and Summer a bit more than places that have three month long seasons: we've learned to savor the sweetness of the warmer months and soak up the sunshine while we can.

In Spring and Summer, it seems that there's a new "fun-run" going through Fairbanks every week, and the community seems to come together for exciting celebrations of the season. Don't get me wrong, I love the Fairbanks Winter, too, but in a different way. Spring is a release, and it's the beginning of some of the longest, most beautiful days in the world. If you're in Fairbanks, get out there and have some fun. If you're not in Fairbanks, still get out there and have some fun. Remember, no matter where you live, Spring only comes around once a year, and if you miss it, it's gone. Have fun out there, everyone, and have a great, sunny weekend!

Joe Alloway
UAF Admissions Counselor, Fairbanks local since 1986 ^_^

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