Monday, November 22, 2010

Last week a student from the Outside (which is what Alaskans call everywhere except Alaska) was sitting in my office and we were chatting about UAF, Fairbanks, and the adventure that awaits her up here. I mentioned the Aurora Borealis, also known as the Northern Lights, to which she responded with a blank stare. I pulled up micrometeorologist's youtube page because trying to explain the Aurora is futile. It is, quite simply, impossible to do them justice.

We both sat transfixed. I've seen the Northern Lights more often than I can count, but my stomach still flip-flops every time I look to find them dancing above me.

Micrometeorologist is really Taro Nakai, a postdoctoral fellow at UAF's International Arctic Research Center. In his spare time he creates phenomenal youtube videos that communicates the overwhelming beauty of the arctic.

This next one is my favorite. In fact, I've watched it a couple of times (okay, 4) while preparing this blog post to, you know, make sure it really was my favorite. It emphatically is.

This final one is another of my favorites because it communicates how vital and exhilarating the winter sun is.

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