Monday, May 12, 2008

The Famous Tradition Stone!!

This past weekend was Commencement and that reminded me of the many "traditions" of UAF. There are four actually, Starvation Gulch, Spring Fest, International Education Week and Winter Carnival. Behind every tradition lies the Tradition Stone. This stone goes way back in UAF history and makes an appearance at Starvation Gulch every year. Through all my years at UAF I had never seen the stone until this year. This stone is quite large and heavy yet every year, it is stolen away. The owner of the stone in years past has been the fire department and the fraternity and it changes hands many times. It is usually heavily guarded to prevent it from being stolen each year, so I was very excited to see the stone and have my picture taken with it. That is Hope in the picture with me. For more information about UAF Traditions, visit:

For more information on the Tradition Stone, visit: OR

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