Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Shidara Taiko!

Hello All!

Taiko, Hajimare! Let's Taiko, everyone! On last Wednesday night I went to a workshop/performance of the Shidara Taiko drumming group in Herring Auditorium. The group hails from Okumikawa, Japan and trains for approximately 12 hours day to perfect their drumming (holy cow!). Let me just say that the training showed: their performance was astonishing. The audience was also allowed to participate in the workshop section of the performance. So, there I found myself, banging away on the drums with all my heart. I imagine I looked quite silly, but it was still awesome. This group is just one of many great groups brought up to perform in Fairbanks by the Fairbanks Concert Association. I wasn't able to take any pictures, (flash photography was prohibited) but trust me when I say it was quite spectacular. Thanks for reading, and I'll post soon about Free Comic Book Day! Cheers!

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