Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Hello from Charlie

Hi! My name is Charlie Armstrong, and I recruit students to UAF from the Eastern Time Zone of the Lower 48 (including all of Kentucky and Tennessee), as well as from Southeast Alaska and communities along the Richardson, Tok Cutoff, Edgerton and Alaska Highways. A little bit about me? Thanks for asking! I'm originally from Michigan, whence I came to Fairbanks as a timid freshman in the Fall of 1998. While in Alaska, I have learned how to white water canoe, cross country ski, and approach a poem from a reader-response perspective. I succeeding in graduating with a BA in English, with honors, from UAF in 2002, and even got to create a small-scale thesis patterned off a graduate thesis. My wife (I met her in my first English class at UAF!) and I have a home outside Fairbanks that we share with a cat, a retired sled dog, and soon a baby boy. I can't wait to talk to students in my recruiting areas and share my excitement about UAF, about Fairbanks, and about Alaska. Feel free to drop me a line any time.


Charlie Armstrong said...

By the way, that's a real Alaskan Carhartt jacket (complete with rips in the shoulder) and deerskin gloves on me in the picture. Real Alaskan stuff! ;)

Travis Mason-Bushman said...

Thanks for helping me choose America's arctic university, Charlie. I'll make sure to drop by your office Wednesday and say hello.

Charlie Armstrong said...

Looking forward to it, Travis!