Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Let it snow!

Wow, Thursday morning we all woke up to a very unusual thing for Fairbanks: a thick blanket of fresh snow about 6+ inches deep! In Fairbanks, snow usually comes in a lot of little dustings, maybe an inch or two at a time at the most, unlike my native West Michigan, where Lake Michigan would periodically bury us a big sloppy pile of wet snow! This Thursday's big snowfall still had Fairbanks' characteristic light, fluffy, and dry feel to it. Dry snow? Yes, if you've never experienced it, you need to! It's great to ski in, and so easy to shovel too. :) Here I am shoveling my driveway with what in Michigan we called a Yooper Scooper (as in U.P.'ers--Upper Peninsula-ers--Check out www.dayoopers.com/whatwher.html if you dare to learn more!).

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