Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hitting the trails

What with all the nice new snow, Rachel and I had to get out on our cross country skis. It was great! The moon was beautiful and we got to listen to the swooshing of a raven flying overhead as he checked us out. We went skiing on some trails near our house. Fairbanks is criss-crossed by a lot of skiing, snowmachining (snowmobiling for you Lower-Forty-Eighters), and dog mushing trails. Plus right on campus we have 25+ miles of groomed ski trails, many of them lighted. On the other side of town is Birch Hill Ski Area, a superbly maintained cross-country ski area. (By the way, that ridiculous looking thing to my right and behind me is my dog Ahpun (Inupiaq Eskimo for "white" or "snow"). She's a goon. To my left is our friends' dog Jack that we are dogsitting for the week.

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Jennifer said...

Charlie, this is Jennifer...a cousin of your's. I really would like to get in contact with you. Please e-mail me at sillyjenilynn@yahoo.com