Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Let us introduce ourselves!

Welcome to the UAF Admissions Outreach Coordinator blog! This is a photo that we took this morning outside our office building, Signers' Hall. Charlie is on the left, Jessica in the middle, and that's me on the end. This is one of many ice sculptures on campus. It is, of course, a Nanook (polar bear) our mascot.

We thought that we would start this blog to showcase some of the cool things we see and do here on the University of Alaska Fairbanks campus. Enjoy!

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Kacey, NWC Advisor said...

Hello! I want to congratulate you folks over at the "BIG" campus for jumping on the bandwagon and developing an online blog. I created ours close to a year ago now and absolutely love it!
Feel free to post pertinent info. to our Northwest Campus Student blog anytime. It truly does help get the word out to students in our region.
Again, great job!

~Kacey Miller, Regional Education Coordinator/Advisor
Northwest Campus, Nome