Thursday, April 17, 2008

The OC Team is Complete!

Finally, after the hiring of Joe and I (Ginny) the UAF Admissions Outreach team is complete. Charlie, Jessica, Ginny & Joe make up the four Outreach Coordinators lead by Hope, our trusted team leader and Assistant Director of Admissions, we are the ones responsible for recruiting and helping new students discover all the opportunities UAF has to offer.It's great to feel whole again!
Can you believe it snowed 6 inches in the middle of April? With all the new snow and sunny weather, there was no way that hard working OCs like ourselves could let this opportunity pass us by!
Here's a tiny glimpse into the lives of UAF's finest Outreach Coordinators:

Charlie was so proud of his little snowman!
Thats some snowball, Joe!
I wouldn't want to be the one on the other side of that Armstrong curve-ball!
Yikes, I forgot... I was!
Stinks to be the new guy, Joe... luckily your squatting abilities are better than any of our aims.
Although mother nature did tease us slightly with the super warm spring-like weather we had a week or two ago, and then DUMPED six inches of snow in one night, you can't help but love Alaska for it's mystery, it's beauty, it's SNOW, but most importantly it's PEOPLE.
Happy Spring.
(out of 7 or so tries, honestly this one was the best)

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